Welfare Schemes (Central Sector)
  1. Mahatma Gandhi Bunkar Bima Yojana (MGBBY)
  2. Health Insurance Scheme (HIS)
Mahatma Gandhi Bunkar Bima Yojana (MGBBY)
Different benefits of MGBBY Scheme and eligibility criteria :
Mahatma Gandhi Bunkar Bima Yojona has been introduced on 02. 10. 05. & subsequently revised on 01.10.07. Then it converge into following two categories from 01.06.2017. New enrolment and renewal will be every year within 1st June.
  1. Pradhan Mantri Jiban Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY) + Pradhan Mantri Surakshya Bima Yojana (PMSBY)
  2. Mahatma Gandhi Bunkar Bima Yojana (MGBBY) + Pradhan Mantri Surakshya Bima Yojana (PMSBY)
Objective : The basic objective of MGBBY is to provide enhanced insurance cover to the handloom weavers in case of natural as well as accidental death and in case of total or partial disability.

Eligibility criteria : In order to be eligible to be covered under the scheme, any weaver should fulfil the following conditions:-

he/ she should be earning at least 50% of his income from handloom weaving and
  • he/ she should be in the age group of 18-50 years for PMJJBY , 51-59 years for MGBBY and up to 70 years for PMSBY.

    All the new enrolment should be under category I and only renewal will be considered under category II.

Premium :

Category(I) weaver will have to pay premium Rs.80 with a coverage of Rs.2 lakh for death from PMJJBY and Rs.2 lakh for accident insurance from PMSBY.

Category(II) weaver will have to pay premium Rs.80 for MGBBY with a coverage of Rs.1.5 lakh for death, of Rs.1.5 lakh for total disability and of Rs.0.75 lakh for partial disability.
Insurance Benefits (effective since 01.06.2017) :
Cause Amount
a) Natural Death 2,00,000 60,000 0
b) Accidental Death 2,00,000 1,50,000 2,00,000
c) Total Disability 0 1,50,000 0
d) Partial Disability 0 75,000 0
Add on benefit - Siksha Sahayog Yojana (SSY) Scheme
Eligibility criteria and benefit
This sub-Scheme exists as an adjunct to the above scheme. Under the scheme maximum two school going children (class IX to XII) of a family who has come under the above scheme are eligible to get quarterly financial assistance of Rs.300/- per child.
Year Physical Target Achievement Claims received
No. Amount
70000 weavers
62967 weavers
Death - 246
SSY - 38345
(upto 31-10-2017)
95682 weavers
47933 weavers
Health Insurance Scheme (HIS)
Different benefits and eligibility criteria :
Introduction : This is a central sector scheme, introduced by G.O.I in the year 2005-06 and implemented in association with ICICI Lombard General Insurance Co. Ltd., which ended on 30.09.2014. Afterwards the new scheme introduced by G.O.I in collaboration with the State Govt. as Rastriya Swasthya Bima Yojana which is being implemented in association with some General Insurance Co. Ltd. selected by Health & Family Welfare Department, Govt. of W.B. on the basis of a competitive bidding.

Eligiblity :In order to be eligible to be covered under the scheme -

  • The weaver including ancillary workers should earn at least 50% of income from handloom weaving.
  • The age limitations for the target beneficiaries’ group is from 1 (one) day to 80 (eighty) years.
  • Maximum of five members of a weaver’s family can be enrolled and are eligible to get the insurance coverage.
  • The policy is valid for a period of twelve month and is to be renewed in each year.
The beneficiaries need to pay only Rs.30 as registration fee while Central and State Government pay the premium  @ of 60% & 40% to the insurer.
Benefits :
The Handloom Weaver Families come under RSBY which includes hospitalization coverage up to Rs.30000 for most of the diseases that requires hospitalization. The government has even fixed the package rates for the hospitals for a large number of interventions. Pre-existing conditions are covered from day one and there is no age limit. The coverage extends to five members of the family which includes the head of the family, spouse and up to three dependents.
Each weaver family who has come under the scheme is issued individual Health Card also.
Year Physical Target Achievement Claims received
No. Amount
2016-2017 128129 weavers family 128129 weavers family 10491 5,06,31,000
2017-2018 128129 weavers family 128129 Weavers family    
Health Insurance Scheme (Bangla)

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