Integrated Handloom Development Scheme (Centrally Sponsored)
  The scheme has been introduced in the year 2007-08 by G.O.I with major change in the old concept for development of handloom sector i.e., only through cooperatives. Under the new concept handloom weavers within and outside the cooperatives would be given equal importance and emphasis has been attached on Handloom Cluster Development.
  There are four components under scheme namely;
  1. Cluster Development Programme
  2. Group Approach for Development of Handlooms
  3. Financial Assistance to Handloom Organisation
    1. Marketing Incentive
    2. Strengthening of Handloom Organization (Apex, Corporation etc.)
  4. Assistance for Innovative Ideas and Publicity, Monitoring, Supervision, Training & Evolution of schemes.
  A) Cluster Development Programme:
  Objective of the scheme is to facilitate the sustainable development of handloom weavers located in and outside identified handloom clusters ( 300-500 looms ) into cohesive, self-managing and competitive socio-economic unit at a total cost up to Rs. 60.00 lakh per Cluster.
  Main Features of the Scheme;
  1. Cluster Development o Formation of Weavers' Self Help Groups
  2. Creation of Common Facility Centers for common services such as Yarn Dyeing, creation & supply of Modern Designs, formation of Consortium of SHG(S), Market Information Center & supply of Market Information etc.
  3. Skill up gradation training.
  4. Supply of modern looms & accessories.
  5. Margin Money for Credit Linkage
  6. Construction of Work-shed
  7. Market Survey & Scientific production planning.
  8. Development of Market Awareness & Product Knowledge amongst the stake holders of handloom sector.
  9. Development of marketing channels through Exhibition/Buyers' & Sellers' Meet/Participation in national & International Fairs /Exhibitions.
No. of Handloom Cluster Development Project in operation in the State No. of Weavers Covered Cost of the Projects
  B). Group Approach for Development of Handlooms
  Handloom weavers, who are not covered by clusters will be benefited by a 'Group Approach' which will be implemented in a project mode for development of handloom weavers in a contiguous geographical area e.g. a revenue village, block in rural area and wards in urban areas, which have similar production characteristics.
Basic inputs:  Supply of new looms, dobby, jacquard and accessories
Skill up gradation Training programme in weaving, dyeing, designing and managerial disciplines.
Construction of Worksheds will be provided to those weavers who do not have a Backward Linkages for supply of yarn, dyes and chemicals to the selected groups will be provided by National Handloom Development Corporation.
Forward Linkages for marketing of products from the handloom groups will be done under the various marketing events like District Level Events, Haats, National Expos, Special Expos and Crafts Melas under Marketing and Export Promotion Scheme.
Design inputs will be provided by Weavers' Service Centers.
No. of Group Approach Projects in operation in the State No. of Weavers Covered Cost of the Projects
  C). Financial Assistance to Handloom Organization
  1. Marketing Incentive
  2. Strengthening of Handloom Organization (Apex, Corporation etc.)
  Marketing Incentive:
  Marketing Incentive is given to the Handloom Agency for preparing condition, which are conducive to Marketing of handloom products. This is largely an incentive to the price in competitiveness of handloom sector so that while on the one hand they are able to marginally reduce the price, on the other hand they invest in infrastructure so as to improve the production and productivity.
Eligible Organizations
Handloom Apex & Corporation, PWCS and National Handloom Organization
Assistance Available
10 % of the Average Sales Turn Over of the last 3 Years.
Sharing Pattern
50:50 between State and GOI

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